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East Coast Coppers Police Shirts

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For those of you into police apparel.

East Coast Coppers by BLUE FAWKES SHOP COP SHIRTS (a local brother)

The shirts feature the words ( East Coast Coppers ) on the front, and Brotherhood on the back. 10% of the proceeds are going to C.O.P.S.( Concerns of Police Survivors ). They are long sleeve, black shirts, 100% preshrunk cotton for $26.00 each.

Visit to check them out and place an order.
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The price has been reduced if you are interested
Thanks Gil, I actually just lowered the price today to $24.00.
I am ordering one now. For those of you think that because I am not a PO that I shouldn't wear the shirt (or be allowed on this board)- I am supporting the C.O.P.S Charity because I think it worth it... Just like the Honor Bracelet charity. AND Don't worry I am not gonna put corner strobes or anything on my explorer.
I just placed my order COPS is a good one to support.
I can't thank all of you guys enough. I am hoping to present C.O.P.S. with a huge check this year. Anyone who does not know exactly what C.O.P.S. does for us please visit the web site at Again thanks for the support.

The only downfall of COPS is that they don't recognize private college police departments. :cry: I have heard this from other campus officers and also viewed their website and noticed that Campus police are not on their list.
Got mine in the mail today great shirt !!
Thanks kwflatbed, I am glad you like the shirt. C.O.P.S. and I both thank you for the support.

Thanks again Brother
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