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No trespassing orders being enforced

By Marcy Murphy
Posted Nov 22, 2008 @ 11:24 PM


Kids who hang around downtown businesses and swear or harass customers can now be told to leave by police.
In an effort to curb recent disturbances and loitering, police, in conjunction with local establishment, are enforcing no trespassing orders.
In recent months, there have been reports of youth loitering in areas including the Carriage Crossing shopping plaza, Central Elementary School, Viking Pizza, movie theater and the local library.
East Bridgewater police Sgt. Det. Scott Allen said youths have been disturbing customers and businesses and the elementary school playground has been vandalized with spray paint.
The policy recently went into effect and has been signed by police and local establishments in the area along Route 18. It says that the offenses can include loitering, vulgar language, interrupting business and harassment of customers or employees.
If the person found causing a problem is a juvenile, his or her parent or guardian will be notified.
If the person is found on the property after being issued an order, the person is subject to arrest or other criminal charges.
Police will keep the order on file for one year from the date it was issued.
Allen said the policy has already resulted in five no-trespassing orders being enforced.
"Hopefully, we won't have to do many (orders)," said Allen. "People are welcome to visit these areas, but not to hang around and cause problems."
Residents with questions about the policy can call the police station at 508-378-7223.

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EB, LOL. Don't they have cows that need tipping?

Where you been lately? East Bridgewater P.D. has faced bomb makers, drug-labs, armed gunman, and all within the last year.
Now they're combating a serious problem with youths downtown...
the only cows left in town are nervous let me tell ya!
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