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DYS no respect

Discussion in 'Juvenile Corrections' started by DYSguy, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    Responding with previous experience as a DYS staff member in Plymouth, and as a current police officer, I think it has less to do with being listed as Human Services, and more to do with how the agency requires the "residents" to be treated. The fact is that DYS units hold violent criminals that the agency demands be treated like "kids." What many people dont know is that DYS can and does hold "kids" until they are 21. Often once they are 18 they are shipped to DOC to do their time. But dont let their age fool you, many of these "kids" are gang members who would assault staff or other residents any time they get a chance. They are far from the innocent misled youth that the agency would have the public believe they are. They are violent, manipulative criminals who should be treated as such. Only once DYS recognizes this fact and adjusts its attitude accordingly, will perceptions of the department and its staff change.

    Just to better illustrate the attitudes at DYS...a staff member gets his head split open by a 6'2 185lb "kid" who's in for assault w/intent to murder or something similar. The staff member barely hears shit from the admin, and even has his sick and comp time taken when the subsequent time off was clearly workers comp. He gets a ration of shit when he calls them on it, and has to go to the union and Boston Admin to get it back.

    Not a month later, a group of 3 "kids" (one of whom is being held for Murder 1) refuse to cuff up inside their cell to be escorted to booking for causing a disturbance. PCSD CERT is called and enters the unit and one 17 year old tells the CERT Lt. that he's gonna "fuck him up" if they come in the cell. After more threats, the CERT Lt. requests the MOVE team to suit up and enter the unit. All the while, these "kids" cover the cell windows with toothpaste to prevent seeing in, cover the floor with soap and water to make it slick, and arm themselves with socks filled with soap, batteries, and various other items. After the riot gear clad MOVE team arrives, these "kids" are given one more chance to comply. They in turn threaten the Lt. again. OC is introduced into the cell and the MOVE guys subsequently enter. The "kids" undeterred by the entrance of heavily armored officers with shields, fight with all they have, swinging their fists and loaded socks until they are flattened into the floor and cuffed and shackled. They are then dragged out of the unit by the MOVE team.

    Do these sound like things "kids" do?? Keeping in mind the "Human Services" attitude of DYS, what do you think the response was from the Bleeding Heart DYS Upper Admin in Boston?? Poor kids?? You Betcha...
  2. DYSguy

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    CAN I get a F' N AMEN!!! Thank you Csauce777! Oh and BTW 1 of those kids is still in that unit.. Although he tries to play down that whole situation. Believe me when I tell you there is not 1 Groupworker (juvenile CO) that wouldn't like to get out of that Human services idealism attitude that DYS has. Esp. in any of the secure units. (Plymouth just happens to be the worst)
    You know what also erks me with DYS mngt. Is that even when you are going through there training seminar. which is only 80hrs (go figure) When you tell them you work in Plymouth. They tell you most of what is covered in DYS policie does not apply to us. We in Plymouth also go by DOC policie. DOC policie supercedes DYS in Plymouth in most cases.
    Hopefully 1 day this will be reconized by mngt & other govering parties to adjust the payroll accordingly. So if I have to go by DOC policie Why am I listed as Human services? Now there's a question for the powers that be!
    1 more thing came to mind while reading all this . This forum thread is listed under Juvenile corrections, Who do think juvenile corrections is? I'll give ya hint it starts with a D _ _ :p
  3. New Hire

    New Hire MassCops Member

    There's been a push for getting DYS out from under H &HS and into public safety for almost 10 years...it started back in late 98 and it's gotten nowhere since.

    As long as juveniles are involved, the chances of being recognized as a public safety entity are pretty slim...as someone stated earlier in this thread, it's going to take someone almost getting killed for anyone to stand up and take notice...

    How about a push to get some DSS entry level money??
  4. southwick34

    southwick34 MassCops Member

    DYS in EOHHS or Pub Safety. At the very least this thread and this site is a good start in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many law enforcement types read over these threads. Can be an education tool for Law Enforcement. Because like MANY Joe Publics DYS is an unknown agency. DSS $ would be nice. Can't say I like being represented by a union that represents DMH Workers and DCR Zoo Keepers!
  5. FAPD

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  6. southwick34

    southwick34 MassCops Member

    DYS Groupworkers, Transporters and Caseworkers......
    WHAT'S UP with bargining unit 2A increase??????????? Retro back to July 1.
    Where the $$$$$$$$$
    Anybody know???????????????????????????????????
  7. DYSguy

    DYSguy MassCops Member

    We 've been wondering the same thing every pay cycle it's nope not yet. Hope someone can tell us what's going on.

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