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DYS closing Plymouth unit

Discussion in 'Juvenile Corrections' started by DYSguy, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. DYSguy

    DYSguy MassCops Member

    DYS has annouced that it will be closing the Plymouth facility inside Plymouth County jail in the near future. The only facility inside a jail in the state. Plymouth was considered the states Max unit. The reason/s have not been made clear. Some say it is the PCSD wants the unit for ICE detainees, Some say lack of use. Whatever the reason it is taking DYS 15 yrs back. There is definately be more Staff assaults in other programs. :banghead:
  2. Usa8235

    Usa8235 MassCops Member

    You'd think they need more units, not less...this is stupid
  3. DYSguy

    DYSguy MassCops Member

    In my opinion, it's all political. But you are absolutely right, IDIOTIC is more like it.
    The Comissioner for DYS Jane Tewksbury doesn't like having to listen to the PCSD on how the unit will be run. Not too mention that she lost her funding for a new DYS facility in Taunton. Now she go back to Deval and cry she has no place to house these dangerous kids.
  4. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    I agree. We need more, not less housing.
    The courts merely reaffirm anti-social behavior by releasing these little recidivists back to their failing parents. Apparently, lib politicians don't care that this slap on the wrist mentality isn't working and if they think these irresponsible little shits are going to become constituents, they're mistaken.
  5. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    You're right. BUT...the Plymouth unit is not the touchy feely place most of the units are. By statute, Plymouth is the unit required to hold any juvenile murder defendant and it's used frequently to house the problem juveniles from the other units. Kids who assault staff, cause riots, etc in other units are shipped to the jail and given the taste of a real cell. It's maintained by the PCSD with hands on functions by DYS staff. CO's generally don't get physically involved unless they call CERT for a large fight or cell extraction. Most of those "kids" have and would kill and rape with the best if them.
  6. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    They need more money to hand out to the illegal aliens, junkies, drunks, and "disabled".
  7. DYS89

    DYS89 New Member

    Found out that they are moving those residents to Westfield Youth Service Center. Westfield is inadequately staffed for these type of youths. Also they are doing this secretly with out notifying the public.
  8. DYS89

    DYS89 New Member

    An email to local paper has been sent. Due to the recent articles about assault on staff in the Commonwealth by Associated Press, they do not want any more exposure.
  9. zm88

    zm88 MassCops Member

    From what I hear (if you're talking about Harvard st) that place is a joke. Majority of the kids my staff and I work with at the rink have been there, or to hillside on Columbus. One of the kids mentioned something about playing playstation while Kk their and throwing the remote at someone. Id say maybe is dys fell under doc it'd make a difference but to be honest I think nyc is right, they're lost. It'd probably just teach them to be better criminals.
  10. zm88

    zm88 MassCops Member

    I lived right down the street from that place til recently. From what i heard they're more strict on the kids then the other places mentioned.
  11. DYS89

    DYS89 New Member

    Relocation to Westfield has been postponed. Local and Sate officials found out about the move and asked for a meeting with DYS. Still no official start date on move.

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