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Duty Belt Arrangement

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My department just bought everyone new duty gear... G&G K-Force; not the greatest stuff but it works. They also issued us Streamlight Stingers w/ holders and a pouch for med gloves. With all this stuff, space is getting a little tight around the waistband. I may have to hire a mini-me to carry some of this gear :lol:

Just wondering how some of you accomodate the batman-like amount of stuff we carry these days....

My setup (may be subject to change) from the buckle and working clockwise:

Glove holder
OC holder
Multitool case
Cuff strap
Cuff Case
Mag case

The PR-24NX is just a PITA as the plastic holder breaks on a bi-weekly basis. I'd be interested to know what other officers are wearing so I could streamline my setup. Thanks in advance. :pint:
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I have to admit to only ONE Narcan. Our cruisers have the following equipment in them:
1) folder for apology forms (you would think they were easy to use, just check off what you're apologizing for, example, "Saying NO, you can't", "Not taking 20 minutes to explain anything", "Actually asking you to move away while conducting a field interview", "Not preventing your luggage from being stolen even though you left it on the curb in good faith because you saw me drive by", etc.
2) larger box of facial tissues because either I made you cry or you're still upset over the election.
3) Selfie stick incase you're too busy to video our encounter and I have no body camera.

The first, the apology forms are SO cumbersome. Five pages and THEY don't even have to sign. We fill it out, get their name or pseudonym if they choose to give it, then WE have to turn it in to the investigating officer and ask for at least 2 days suspension.
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