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Duty Belt Arrangement

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My department just bought everyone new duty gear... G&G K-Force; not the greatest stuff but it works. They also issued us Streamlight Stingers w/ holders and a pouch for med gloves. With all this stuff, space is getting a little tight around the waistband. I may have to hire a mini-me to carry some of this gear :lol:

Just wondering how some of you accomodate the batman-like amount of stuff we carry these days....

My setup (may be subject to change) from the buckle and working clockwise:

Glove holder
OC holder
Multitool case
Cuff strap
Cuff Case
Mag case

The PR-24NX is just a PITA as the plastic holder breaks on a bi-weekly basis. I'd be interested to know what other officers are wearing so I could streamline my setup. Thanks in advance. :pint:
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Thanks for all the input. I've already eliminated the glove pouch and the multi-tool from the belt and there's alot more room. Still, the PR-24NX makes things difficlult with the short handle next to the portable all the time. Feels bulky and awkward.

I spoke with my Capt. regarding our officers instant ablility to break the PR holders and offered the expandable straight baton as a possible solution. He said he couldn't "justify throwing away the $1000 the department spent a several years ago" to equip us with the PR's. My concern is that eventully, officers will just stop carrying them, which isn't a good plan.
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