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Duty Belt Arrangement

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by sgt128-13, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. sgt128-13

    sgt128-13 MassCops Member

    My department just bought everyone new duty gear... G&G K-Force; not the greatest stuff but it works. They also issued us Streamlight Stingers w/ holders and a pouch for med gloves. With all this stuff, space is getting a little tight around the waistband. I may have to hire a mini-me to carry some of this gear :lol:

    Just wondering how some of you accomodate the batman-like amount of stuff we carry these days....

    My setup (may be subject to change) from the buckle and working clockwise:

    Glove holder
    OC holder
    Multitool case
    Cuff strap
    Cuff Case
    Mag case

    The PR-24NX is just a PITA as the plastic holder breaks on a bi-weekly basis. I'd be interested to know what other officers are wearing so I could streamline my setup. Thanks in advance. :pint:
  2. Rock

    Rock Undefined

    I would loose the glove holder and the multi-tool. Throw the gloves in any pocket and keep the tool in your bag. Now if you have a 42 waist then add a chain saw and a couple of water bottles. Also I'm sure you know you can carry your mags straight up and down if you don't have a gut that gets in the way. :)
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  3. frapmpd24

    frapmpd24 Senior Member

    From the belt buckle clockwise my set up includes:

    Closed cuff case (with chain cuffs)
    OC Holder
    Cuff Strap (with comfortable hinged cuffs :) )
    Glove Pouch (middle of belt in rear)
    Flashlight Ring
    Stinger Flashlight
    Radio Holder
    Mag Case (Vertical)

    I have seen officers with flashlights or batons directly behind their gun, I personally like less on my gun side and avoid cell phones or pagers on the belt. In anycase, use the least amount that is comfortable for you.
  4. bluesamurai22

    bluesamurai22 MassCops Member

    It's mostly personal preference. The only real rules you should follow are to have plenty of keepers (whether you use a velcro belt or not), have keepers directly in front and in back of your holster, keep everything and anything as far from your holster as possible and don't put anything hard in the center of your back (like handcuffs). You should also try not to have lots of shiny stuff on your belt and uniform if you work nights.

    Some people might take issue with this but I also don't like the idea of big knives in holsters on the belt because it can become a serious weapon retention problem. You should only have to worry about retaining your gun if you are rolling around on the ground.

    I wear a mini CPR mask w/ 1 way valve and gloves in a small soft case in the center of my back. It's nice to always have that CPR mask available!

    My preference from the buckle clockwise:

    Dbl mag pouch, horizontal facing my left - I have found that I can reload faster like this.
    Level III holster
    dbl cuff case w/ 1 pair of lightweight hinge cuffs, extra gloves and radio earpiece
    mini cpr mask and glove case
    Streamlight Strion mini rechargeable flashlight
    Straight expandable Monadnock Autolock w/ Hindi baton cap in Autolock holster
    open cuff case w/blk hinge cuffs
    OC spray

    I carry a buck knife (1 regular blade and a seatbelt cutter/flat screwdriver blade) clipped into my right front pocket. It's not so obvious and it's pretty hard to pull out.

    My set up hasn't changed much in 13 years. I always had guys telling me that I wouldn't be carrying all of that stuff in a few years but so far they have all been wrong. If we get tasers I don't have any space left on my belt.

    About your baton:

    I carried a PR-24NX for years and only broke the plastic holster once. I would suggest you just get into the habit of entering and exiting your car very carefully to avoid putting pressure on the holster or baton. You will eventually start moving just a little differently and this will take the stress off of the holster. You could also look at the strap type holsters for the PR-24. You will lose some speed when you draw the baton but they seem more secure.

    I did convince my chief to switch us from the PR-24 to the straight expandable because people just didn't carry the PR-24. I know the PR-24 is a more powerful tool if you train a lot but if you don't then the straight baton makes much more sense.
  5. quality617

    quality617 Subscribing Member

    My setup, clockwise from the buckle:

    nextel in its crappy plastic clip
    leather pager case
    oc holder
    triple retention holster
    silent key keeper
    1 inch silver ring (dont know why, I've just always had it. I use to keep my stinger in it, and when I got a holder for it, I just never took it off my belt)

    chain cuffs in hanging cuff holder (and no, in 10 years I have never stabbed myself in the back sitting on my cuffs :)

    nylon glove holder
    stinger holder
    collapsable baton w/holder
    motorola radio holder
    duty mags
    knife clipped to back of magazine flaps

    Still trying to find room for the portable dvd player....
  6. DOD/272

    DOD/272 New Member

    All Bianchi accumold nylon & Safariland SSIII(sig226/40 or Beretta 9mm 2 belts/ 2 depts)

    buckle clockwise:(I have lots of landscape)

    cuff case(hindged)
    keeper with PD & cuff keys
    Monadanock expandable
    cuff case(chain)
    clear back
    glove pouch
    mag pouch
  7. sgt128-13

    sgt128-13 MassCops Member

    Thanks for all the input. I've already eliminated the glove pouch and the multi-tool from the belt and there's alot more room. Still, the PR-24NX makes things difficlult with the short handle next to the portable all the time. Feels bulky and awkward.

    I spoke with my Capt. regarding our officers instant ablility to break the PR holders and offered the expandable straight baton as a possible solution. He said he couldn't "justify throwing away the $1000 the department spent a several years ago" to equip us with the PR's. My concern is that eventully, officers will just stop carrying them, which isn't a good plan.
  8. bluesamurai22

    bluesamurai22 MassCops Member

    Ask him if they will change policy to allow officers the option to carry straight batons. Then the officers can purchase them and obtain their own training if they want.

    There is also a possible long-term cost savings for training in the straight vs. the expandable. They are just much easier to use and train with. If you don't train constantly with the PR-24 you will have problems (just watch the guy chopping wood in the Rodney King video to see what I mean)

    Here's a $7 solution to your problem: http://www.militaryclothing.com/IBS/SimpleCat/Product/asp/product-id/506350.html

    $19 : http://www.hi-tec.qc.ca/prod.htm?line=1&prod_id=68&PType=2&lang=en

    $35 in leather: http://www.stallionleather.com/prod...7&osCsid=ceac7a172bb6bd8533b02e9e857228a8

    There are many more but you get the idea.
  9. MaritimeLAW

    MaritimeLAW MassCops Member

    I have always carried the PR an inch before the seam of my trousers, that leaves enough room for your mag cases, and just enough to push ur radio alittle bit to the back but not uncomfortably.

    It seems like you might be able to move one cuff case up front next to the buckle before the oc if you need to move your stinger.
  10. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Can we update this thread to better reflect the gear issued to us in 2019 that more effectively helps up to do our jobs? I’d like to get some input. Here’s my current duty belt setup, starting with the buckle and going clockwise.
    1) business card dispenser with name, badge number, and contact number for my supervisor and internal affairs
    2) single-use portable safe space, inflatable
    3) a multi-charger for citizen’s cell phones that plugs into the cruiser
    4) get out of jail free cards for any crime, as long as you maintain your innocence and blame it on an unfair system
    5) narcan
    6) narcan
    7) narcan
    8) mini-sharps container
    9) an electronic tester that checks my privilege
    10) two-way radio
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  11. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    I have to admit to only ONE Narcan. Our cruisers have the following equipment in them:
    1) folder for apology forms (you would think they were easy to use, just check off what you're apologizing for, example, "Saying NO, you can't", "Not taking 20 minutes to explain anything", "Actually asking you to move away while conducting a field interview", "Not preventing your luggage from being stolen even though you left it on the curb in good faith because you saw me drive by", etc.
    2) larger box of facial tissues because either I made you cry or you're still upset over the election.
    3) Selfie stick incase you're too busy to video our encounter and I have no body camera.

    The first, the apology forms are SO cumbersome. Five pages and THEY don't even have to sign. We fill it out, get their name or pseudonym if they choose to give it, then WE have to turn it in to the investigating officer and ask for at least 2 days suspension.
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  12. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    You forgot the public flogging.
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  13. 38bigblock

    38bigblock MassCops Member

    By far the best post / reply I’ve read in a long time HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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  14. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    You forgot the break front vagina...
  15. BxDetSgt

    BxDetSgt MassCops Member

    1. Cuffs x2
    2. Holster
    3. flashlight 1
    4. PR24 Baton
    5. Cuffs x2
    6. Bear Spray
    7. multi tool
    8. buck knife
    9. Spork
    9. Tourniquet
    10. CPR Kit
    11. O2 Bottle
    12. Canteen
    13. Pesonal Phone
    14. Cuffs on strap (pink)
    15. AR15 mags x3 (Stacked)
    16. Binoculars
    17. Radio
    18. Work Phone
    19. Burner Phone
    20. ASP
    21. Flashlight #2
    22. Mags x2
    23. Mags x2
    24. Sheepdog/TBL pin on Mag Case
    25. Back Up gun in belly holster
    26. Extra mags for back up gun inside shirt on vest
    27. Flag/TBL/Sheepdog/ Navy SEAL Punisher patches on interior vest (for locker room cred.)
    28. Machete in ankle rig
    29. Gas Mask (in off side thigh rig)
    30. Taser (in strong side thigh rig)
    In my 2 years experience I find that this rig works well for me, especially for footposts. Getting in and out of vehicles or foot chases can be challenging. Also fitting through standard size door frames is challenging. Any comments would be appreciated.
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  16. JR90

    JR90 MassCops Member

    Any ideas on how to set up a Court Officer Duty Belt? :D:D
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  17. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Go bald...
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