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Duty Bags

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I'm about to set-up a duty bag... any suggestions on what I should have in it?

Thanks for the help... :lol:
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I have a briefcase sholder strap type bag and this is what is in it:

Reflective vest, 1/2" ring binder with town maps and other forms, citation book, black and decker tool kit ([email protected] home depot), english-spanish dictionary, 1 chain cuffs, 1 hinge cuffs, 1 leg irons, medical gloves( in 35mm camera film case), Small MV Law index book($15 any police supply store), digital camera( personal one), Extra search gloves, Snacks(gum, pb crackers, powerbar), extra pens, 2 extra mags, and an extra knife.

It sounds like alot but it actually fits quite well into it bought it from Gall's.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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