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By Robert Aicardi/ [email protected]

"Some people never learn."
That's what Deputy Chief Russell Jenkins said about a Braintree man and woman who were arrested on two consecutive nights for the same crime by the same officers at the same place.
On the evening of Nov. 1, Detective Brian Cohoon, Officer Ted Querzoli, and Sgt. David DelPapa responded to Campanale's Restaurant in South Braintree Square to investigate a report of someone breaking into cars in a nearby parking lot.
Querzoli saw Gregory Latham, 27, walking away from an SUV with the interior light illuminated.
As Latham walked away, Querzoli checked the interior of the vehicle and observed that it had been ransacked.

He relayed this information to Cohoon, and together with DelPapa, they found Latham walking down Pearl Street with Naomi Castro, 25.

"As the officers watched the two, they could see Latham holding two pocketbooks and removing items from them," Jenkins said.

As the officers attempted to place Latham under arrest, he swung his arm at Cohoon, striking him in the chest with the pocketbooks.

"Latham continued to resist the officers, swinging his arms and striking Sgt. DelPapa in the chest," Jenkins said.

Latham continued to resist, even after being taken down to the ground, and was sprayed with pepper spray before the officers were able to subdue him.

"While the officers were struggling with Latham, Castro was yelling that she told Latham to break into the cars because they needed the money," Jenkins said. "She also admitted to acting as a lookout and warned Latham when the officers first arrived."

Latham and Castro were charged with receiving stolen property valued over $250.

Latham was additionally charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime, resisting arrest, larceny over $250, and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

"While at the police station, officers found stolen items, including credit cards, jewelry, and loose change, in Latham's pockets," Jenkins said.

A little more than 24 hours later, Cohoon and Detective Jeffrey Jernegan, along with DelPapa, were patrolling South Braintree Square and saw Latham and Castro walking on Hancock Street by Brooks Pharmacy.
"The detectives noticed that Castro was carrying a Dachshund dog and that both she and Latham were intoxicated," Jenkins said. "As the two arrived at their apartment, Latham fell to the ground and lay in the driveway. The two eventually entered their apartment without further incident."
A few minutes later, Officer Brian Adams was sent to Brooks Pharmacy to investigate a break into a motor vehicle in which a dog was stolen.
"The officers quickly determined that the dog was a Dachshund and returned to the apartment on Hancock Street where Latham and Castro live," Jenkins said
From a back porch, detectives could see Latham and Castro inside the apartment playing with the dog.
" As Detective Jernegan and Sgt. DelPapa knocked on the door, Detective Cohoon watched Castro put the dog in another room," Jenkins said. "Under questioning, Castro denied stealing the dog, stating that she found it."
The detectives located several papers in the apartment which had been stolen from the victim's vehicle with his name on them.
Latham and Castro were again placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime and larceny over $250.
Both times after their arrests, they were held overnight at the police station pending their arraignment in Quincy District Court.
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