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Dumb Crook Botches Getaway

COLUMBIA, SC -- A man accused of robbing a convenience store in South Carolina is being talked about because of his unusal attempted getaway.
It hit a little snag when he stopped to ask for directions at the worst possible place.

Taxi driver Ricky Pearson says "I think he's a pretty dumb crook. Because to let me pull into the Young's market that he knew he just robbed was totally dumb."

David Capps of the Bishopville Police Department says "like I said I was there and I still don't believe it."

It was early Friday morning at this Young's food store in Bishopville.
That's when police say 48-year-old Johnny Lindner walked in.

As you can see from this surveillance video, Lindner pulled out a knife and demanded money and cigarettes.

Lindner then took off trying to get to Lydia, but he went the wrong way.
Lindler's stolen getaway truck broke down near Sumter so he decided to walk to this Burger King and get a taxi.

Ricky Pearson says "once we go in the car, he told me that he wanted to go to Lydia."

But even the taxi driver didn't know where Lydia was.

Ricky Pearson says "so as we went through Bishopville we came up on a Young's market there, and there was a police car and a man standing outside, and I said I'll stop and ask this man for directions so I can make sure where I am going."

Corporal Capps says "but I said you're not going to Lydia tonight, and he said why is that sir, and I said because your passenger is under arrest for robbing this Young's."

Police say Lindner told them he didn't know what they were talking about. But after a quick search of Lindner, they found the stolen money and cigarettes, and let's not forget he was also caught on camera. Corporal David Capps says he has never seen anything like this and he's been in law enforcement for 25 years.

Corporal Capps says "I can honestly say if its happened no one told me that the bad guy came up and asked for directions to get away."

Ricky Pearson says "but at that time I was actually thinking that it was this guys time to go to jail, because he had done something wrong, and God just used me to bring him to justice. And that's what I was thinking."
Lindner is also wanted in Tennessee on other charges.

If convicted of armed robbery, he faces up to 20 years in prison.
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