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Curious EMT said:
Quick question for you patrol guys.
A Q3 on a party.
"A number" comes back SUS/REX
"S number" comes back ACTI
Do you hit them with "suspension, operating after", or send them on their way and tell them to hit the registry to get that A taken care of, as they're operating under the Active status of the "S" number?

What if it were reversed, A-License=active, S-License=suspended?
Does any Active status in Mass trump any other Mass Status?
What about Active Mass A number, suspended NH status, NH resident?
if i remember correctly, suspended in issuing-state = no good in mass ever, regardless of MA status

And how would someone get an A and S number, with the A suspended? A numbers are usually generated when an out-of-stater get a CMVI. The S number comes into play when he/she moves into the state. But would figure the RMV would not activate the S number until the suspension of the A number was resolved.

thanks in advance, looks like I just asked about a half-dozen questions, have a great day, be safe
I have gone over this a thousand times, the answer is this .... the RMV issues license or "right to operate" to a person ... although a person may have more than one number, once that "person" has the right to operate suspended/revoked, it is just that regardless if the person shows that he/she has other numbers in the system, which appear to be active.

If you are active in Mass but susp in another state, you are still active in Mass (but not for long)

If you are susp in Mass but active in another state - you are still susp.

If you are susp in another state and have no status in mass - you are driving w/o a lic.

The "A" number is assigned when a person does not have a number in the system (such as an out of state driver) Sometimes, people slip through (I know its hard to believe with the excellent RMV in mass) and get both numbers, of course they make no mention of that ticket they didn't pay (the A number) and get the "S" number so they would have both -- to bad says RMV your original susp will stick!

Does that help?
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