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A driver who struck and killed a man riding a bike early Saturday in Wareham is likely to be arraigned today on charges of motor vehicle homicide and drunken driving, authorities said.

Wareham police did not release the name of the driver or the victim, describing the latter only as a 52-year-old man.
Wareham officers responded to the scene at the intersection of Park Avenue and Bittersweet Lane a little after 1 a.m. Wareham emergency personnel took the victim to Tobey Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Wareham police said.
Officers took the driver into custody near the scene, police said.
The driver is likely to be arraigned this morning, a Wareham police dispatcher said.
A spokesman for the State Police, which is assisting with the investigation, and a spokeswoman for the Plymouth district attorney referred questions to Wareham police.
The accident occurred in a densely populated area in the Shangri-La section of East Wareham, and several neighbors said they were startled by both the sound of the vehicle accelerating before reaching the intersection, and the sound of the crash itself. Park Avenue is a long straightaway; Bittersweet Lane is a short cross street.
Neighbors said the driver was heading north on Park, and the bicyclist was crossing at Bittersweet.
"I heard the tires squealing and just a big bang, and I knew it wasn't another car. I knew there was somebody hit," said Larry Crowley, who lives at the intersection and who called 911 from his home.
Crowley - whose daughter witnessed the accident while walking their dog - and other neighbors rushed to the victim, who they said was thrown into a nearby wooded area.
Crowley, who said the driver stopped on Park Avenue beyond view of the intersection, said the car left just a few feet of skid marks.
"It was chaos. Every neighbor from three different streets, going up and down in every direction, had heard this," said Amanda McCoy, another neighbor.
Vehicles often speed on Park Avenue, McCoy said.
"There's been plenty of times, just standing in this road, people come flying down like it's nothing."
James L. Potter, chairman of the Wareham Board of Selectmen, said he had received complaints about speeding on Glen Charlie Road, which leads to the Shangri-La neighborhood, but had not heard specific complaints about speeding within the neighborhood.
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