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Drunk pony takes a 3am pool dip

A greedy pony who got drunk after gorging on apples had to be rescued by fire crews after falling into a swimming pool.

The brown Moorland Pony, appropriately named Fat Boy, made a splash after breaking into a garden for a late night snack.

Fat Boy, and another equine partner in crime, wandered off from their stables, lured by the property's apple tree - but had one too many.

Because the fruit had already started to rot and ferment, the horses soon began to show the effects.

Punch drunk Fat Boy then stumbled into the pool, which was covered by a tarpaulin sheet, at the bungalow in Newquay, Cornwall.

Homeowner, Sarah Penhaligon, 28, could not believe her eyes when she awoke at 3.00am on Tuesday morning to find Fat Boy stuck in the shallow pool.

The 28 year-old was asleep in her bungalow when she heard strange noises.

"When I looked outside I saw this massive animal in the dark and I thought the Beast of Bodmin was in the pool," she said.

"I was terrified, but when I took a closer look I realised it was a horse."
Police and fire crews were tasked to the scene while Fat Boy tried to climb out of the water.

Unaware the animal was drunk, Ms Penhaligon then fed it more apples to keep it calm.

Ms Penhaligon said: "He looked a bit panicked - he was trying to get out of the pool but couldn't manage it and was getting very tired.
"I decided to sit down next to him and calm him down, so I fed him some apples to keep him occupied.

"The other horse just kept munching away from the tree and didn't seem to care about what was going on at all."

Police and fire crews arrived but were unable to help Fat Boy - who acquired his name due to a love of food and his big belly.

A specialist crew from Bodmin fire station were called in to deal with the incident, putting hay bales in the pool to make a step for the pony to climb out.

They finally got Fat Boy out of his watery misery at about 5am after giving him a helping hand out with harnesses.
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