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Drunk man tries to open plane door in midair

A DRUNK and abusive passenger tried to open the door of a jumbo jet while the plane was more than 35,000 feet up, British media reports.
The man abused other passengers before trying to open a door on the Boeing 767 flying from Gatwick to Cuba yesterday, London's Daily Telegraph reports.
Pilots made an unscheduled landing in Bermuda to kick the passenger off the flight.
British man Dominic Carmen, who was one of the 257 people onboard the First Choice Airways flight, said a pilot had told drunk passengers to stop drinking before the incident occurred.
"(The man) first became very abusive to another passenger and they almost came to blows," Mr Carmen said.
"The captain made an announcement that people who were drinking dutyfree they had brought with them should not drink any more, but the man continued to be abusive."
Passengers said the man grabbed at the door after cabin crew tried to calm him down, according to the Telegraph.
A spokeswoman for First Choice said the incident was still being investigated.
"In the interests of passenger safety, the captain decided to divert the plane to Bermuda to offload the passenger," the spokeswoman said.
"He was being disruptive so it was the sensible thing to do. The safety of all our customers and crew is our No.1 priority and First Choice Airways operates a zero-tolerance policy in regards to abusive or drunken behaviour on our flights."
Police in Bermuda said the man had not been charged but was "under security watch" at a motel.,26058,24038794-5014090,00.html
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