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Drunk man has sex with car

Imagine parking up your new SUV on a nice quiet street, to pop to the
shops only to come back and see a man hitting on your car.

And when we say 'hitting,' we don't mean the kind with a baseball bat.

Can't imagine it?

Well, a drunk man was caught having sex with an SUV that was parked on
a main road.

The man, who has not been named, was seen with his pants down and
getting it on with the front end of the Toyota 4X4.

And he went at if for a while - proving that it wasn't just a hit and run.

At times he looked a little frustrated, maybe because the vehicle was
unresponsive to him banging against its bumper.

He was arrested after passers-by called the police.

Videos of the incident have been circulated on the web, but frankly we'll
leave you to track them down if you so wish.

pic is in the link ..

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What a fucker that guy is.

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I guess he thought the car was "hot" Maybe he just wanted to do a comparison between the four wheel Dodge Ram and the four legged ram.
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