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Drunk in cone 'hat' halts M3 for 2hrs

A DRUNK brought a busy motorway to a standstill for two hours
when he walked along the slow lane with a traffic cone on his head.

Darren Redding downed 24 cans of lager before stepping into the road.

Cops had to close both sides of the M3 near Eastleigh, Hants,UK as they
battled to restrain him.

As officers approached, he climbed on to railings on a bridge and began
shouting, Southampton Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Siobhan Linsley said: "He said he'd jump if the officer came any
closer. He appeared agitated and emotional."

At one point Redding, 40, took off his top and dangled his legs over the
bridge. The road reopened after he gave himself up and was detained
under the Mental Health Act.

Redding, of Southampton, admitted public nuisance. He got a nine- month
suspended sentence plus 200 hours' unpaid work.
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