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Adding to the list of people who shouldn't be allowed the title of parent...

Drunk dad left kids swimming alone at Nahant beach.

POSTED: 12:06 pm EDT September 16, 2008
UPDATED: 12:10 pm EDT September 16, 2008

BOSTON -- A Woburn father was arrested Monday after he allegedly got drunk and passed out on a Nahant beach, while his two young children swam unattended, according to the Lynn Daily Item.

Todd Sullivan, 27, was found passed out on Long Beach with two empty bottles of Mad Dog 22, the newspaper reported. His 3- and 5-year-old kids were swimming alone, police said.


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Well hell, he was drunk, would they have prefered he swam WITH them in that condition? It could have been very dangerous!

Come on now Mad Dog's Mad Dog 20/20. I didn't even know they still sold that stuff.
The official name is MD 20/20, with MD standing for Mogen David. Franklin Street Beer & Wine in Quincy and the Washington Street Liquor Mart in Weymouth Landing both stock all flavors and colors.
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