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By Brian Fraga
Standard-Times staff writer
August 05, 2008 6:00 AM

FAIRHAVEN - A 41-year-old New York man was found dead from suspected drug use inside a Fairhaven motel Monday morning, police said.
Police Sgt. Stephen L. Foster declined to say whether heroin appeared to have been involved. He would only say drug use may have been a "contributing factor."
Police responded to a 10:35 a.m. call Monday of an unresponsive man in a room at the Huttleston Motel at 128 Huttleston Ave. Police, fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel arrived to find the body.
Sgt. Foster said the man was from the greater New York City area and was known to have frequented the New Bedford/Fairhaven waterfront. He declined to release the man's name because his family had not been contacted.
Police will not have a definitive statement on what the suspected drug may have been until toxicology results are received.
Sgt. Foster said that Fairhaven police contacted New Bedford police after the man was found.
Following three suspected heroin-related overdose deaths last month, New Bedford narcotics and major crimes detectives have been investigating what could be a lethal batch of heroin in the city.
Police speculate there might be a higher purity of heroin on the street than what addicts are accustomed to. Detectives have been in contact with the Drug Enforcement Administration to test heroin recently seized by police.
New Bedford police spokesman Lt. Jeffrey P. Silva said detectives are awaiting toxicology results before they can definitively say heroin, or another narcotic, was the cause of death for the three people who died in the city.
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