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OUTRAGE OVER DRUG STUNT,,91059-13443928,00.html

A presenter on a Dutch television show plans to take heroin live on air.
Filemon Wesselink will also go on a drinking binge and, under the supervision of his mum,
take LSD.

The show - called Spuiten & Slikken, which translates as Shoot Up And Swallow -
has caused dismay.

Pieter Heerma, spokesman for the governing centre-right Christian Democrat party, said:
"This is dangerous and it sets a bad example.

"We're going to ask the justice minister for his view on what the law says about this,
and his view on the dangers and risks involved."

The programme's makers say the stunt will help reach youngsters by covering issues
that affect their lives.

While cannabis is sold and openly used in Holland, other drugs such as LSD, cocaine,
Ecstasy and heroin are outlawed.

However, Justice Ministry spokesman Ivo Hommes said it was not immediately clear
whether Wesselink - who plans to smoke a heroin pill - will be prosecuted.

He added: "Doing this on television is undesirable."

Ingrid Timmer, a spokeswoman for the show's producer BNN, said: "It's not our
intention to create an outcry. We just want to talk about subjects that are part
of young people's lives."

BNN has drawn viewer complaints for programs in the past, including a sex education
program called "This Is How You Screw".

One segment discussed how to have sex in a nightclub and featured life-size mannequins
with sex organs.

You would never see anything like that on US television would you?
this would not be allowed in the UK
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