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By Michael Holtzman
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Oct 25, 2008 @ 10:30 PM

Fall River -

A 53-year-old Little Compton, R.I., woman suffered serious injuries in a bizarre accident while driving under Government Center early Saturday.
State police said Sheila Quinton was hit in the chest by a large rock that crashed through the windshield of her 2005 Toyota about 1:30 a.m.
"We believe someone probably threw a rock off the bridge" onto Quinton's eastbound Interstate-195 lane of travel, said state police Lt. Eric Anderson, department spokesman.
He said city and state police investigated the area of the overpass from where they thought the rock dropped.
"It was quite a horrifying thing," Anderson said.
He did not know the size of the rock but said it was "substantial."
Quinton was listed in serious condition Saturday night in the trauma intensive care unit at Rhode Island Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.
Anderson said Quinton's injuries were a result of being struck by the rock rather than the subsequent car accident. He reported she was driving alone in the car.
There were no other reports of rocks or debris falling from above the highway in the Government Center area, Anderson said.
State police continue to investigate the accident and potential crime, he said.
City police said there was an incident but had no other information.
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