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ATTLEBORO - Bright headlights racing head-on at you on a darkened strip of highway: It's a motorist's nightmare.

And a nightmare for cops, too, who are called upon to clear the wreckage left behind by wrong-way drivers.

It was a scenario faced by Rhode Island State Police near the Attleboro line in the pre-dawn hours Thursday.

Rhode Island troopers say they desperately attempted to warn a wrong-way driver on Interstate 95 as he sped by them in Pawtucket shortly before he crashed into another car north of the Route 1A exit in South Attleboro.

Two troopers were parked off the highway near the Pawtucket River bridge when they say Sean C. O'Donnell, 31, of Providence, sped by them at about 80 mph, headed north in the southbound lanes of I-95, according to court records. The troopers were unable to catch up to him or get him to stop as he drove into South Attleboro and collided around 1:30 a.m. with a car driven south on I-95 by Jeremy Montijo, 19, of Central Falls, R.I., police said.

Montijo suffered cuts and was treated at the scene by Attleboro emergency medical technicians. He declined to be taken to a hospital.

O'Donnell escaped injury and was charged with a second-offense drunken driving charge and related traffic offenses by Massachusetts State Police.

Rhode Island State Police are charging him with eluding police, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

O'Donnell pleaded innocent later Thursday in Attleboro District Court. He was ordered held in jail without bail on a fugitive from justice charge related to the traffic offenses filed by Rhode Island State Police.

Judge Richard Savignano set $10,000 cash bail for the drunken driving, driving to endanger and related charges in Attleboro District Court.

In their attempts to warn O'Donnell before the crash, the two Rhode Island troopers entered the northbound side of the highway and used their emergency lights, sirens and spot lights to signal him from the other side of the highway.

One of the troopers then got on the southbound side and drove north in an attempt to intercept O'Donnell, but he drove past the trooper and continued north in the southbound lanes, according to court records.

The trooper then got back on the northbound side of the highway with the other officer, but they lost sight of O'Donnell's vehicle where trees divide the highway between Route 1A and Route 123 in South Attleboro.

The troopers lost sight of the vehicle before crossing the grass median just north of Route 123 to perform a "rolling roadblock" for the public's safety. As they crossed the median they saw other officers, including Attleboro police, driving south on I-95 with their emergency lights activated. Police from all three agencies came upon the accident scene where O'Donnell's vehicle was against the guardrail with heavy front-end damage and Montijo's was in the median with heavy passenger-side damage.

O'Donnell was arrested by Massachusetts State Trooper Jason Morse of the Foxboro barracks, who said he had to keep O'Donnell from falling down during a field sobriety test, according to a police report.

O'Donnell told Morse, according to the report, that he did not know he was on the wrong side of the highway and that he was trying to get home.

O'Donnell is due back in Attleboro court Oct. 23.

I don't know who the bigger hammer is, Tpr Morse or Judge Savignano. Its amazing to me how commonplace this wrong way operation thing is. Just 2 posts ago there was a female who drove through Boston the wrong way. FORTUNATELY she was stopped before she crashed but damnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Interesting, just today at 11 in the morning I saw a dipshit go south up the northbound exit of I-91, all three lanes of the exit were marked with arrows coming DOWN the exit and this asswipe was going up. I was off duty and called it in on my cell, haven't heard anything about an accident but it makes you wonder where these jerk offs get their license from.
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