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Heads up that they are using aircraft on 101.
Uhh...yeah, on 95 also :oops:

Was heading up at 7am for the Great Bay exam. Saw what looked like Road Construction signs that said "Police Ahead", clicked off the cruise control and when I came over the crest of the hill there were 3 NHSP cruisers in the breakdown lane. I passed, and the first one pulled out... I waved, and pulled over. What followed was by far the most pleasant interaction I've ever had on the side of the road with a trooper. This guy walks up and says "Hey, sorry. You were going 77mph(in a 65), normally I wouldn't have pulled you over but the aircraft is up and called it in." I said I should have known, because I had JUST read about their 111mph grab. He laughed and grabbed my info. Came back in under a minute, hands me my stuff and said "All set, have good one. Just my luck, the next guy grabbed a 98mph" Smiled and walked away. Not even a slow down. Awesome.
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