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A tractor-trailer truck allegedly speeding through a dangerous Everett rotary overturned yesterday, not even a year after a gasoline tanker flipped and exploded, taking a huge chunk of neighborhood with it.
"They need to put up a stop sign or a light, or something," said Hayley Ellsworth, 17, who lives just a few blocks from both truck accidents and remains shaken. "The rotary is horrible. Something's got to be done before something worse happens."
The crash yesterday happened when a truck loaded with produce veered around the rotary at the intersection of Routes 99 and 16 about 3 p.m. The truck had just been loaded, and state police at the scene speculated whether the load may have shifted, causing the truck to topple.
The driver, Clark Kabeya, 41, of Ipswich was cited for speeding. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital to treat minor injuries. The Everett Fire Department stood by as tow crews used heavy equipment to right the truck and trailer. None of the produce spilled.
The rotary remained closed for several hours while state police investigated the crash and moved the wreckage.
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