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Driver Accused Of Stopping School Bus On Tracks With Train Coming

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A Volusia County school bus driver is in trouble Tuesday for threatening to leave kids on some train tracks with a train coming. The students from Campbell Middle School said the bus driver was upset because they would not stop talking.

The school bus was headed eastbound on George Ingram Boulevard on Monday, two blocks from US-1. According to the students, the driver stopped on the tracks, opened the door and told them she wasn't moving until they quieted down.

"Opened the door and told the kids that if they weren't quiet and didn't listen to her, she was going to get off the bus and allow the train to hit them," concerned parent Glen Teschner told Eyewitness News.

The kids had just left Campbell Middle School and were on their way home. All of a sudden the crossing arms started coming down and a train was headed in their direction.

The kids panicked and, by this time, cars were stopped behind the school bus. Students started yelling at drivers to back up. The bus driver was able to put it in reverse and move out of harm's way.

The incident has forced the school district to remove the driver from the wheel. She was placed on office duty until officials review the bus surveillance video and complete the investigation.

"The professional standards office is involved. They'll determine if any disciplinary action needs to be taken. They'll determine what that action is. Once they notify the employee, it takes ten days before it becomes public," explained Nancy Wait, Volusia County Schools.

The school district isn't releasing the driver's name. Officials said she's been a bus driver with Volusia County schools for 11 years and has never had any disciplinary issues.
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