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'Dreamer' Promoted By Durbin Laughs About Using US Flag As Prop For 'Messaging'

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A prominent "Dreamer" activist named Alaa Mukahhal took to social media to laugh about her cynical use of the American flag as a prop for "messaging" after her story was highlighted by Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin.

A look her Facebook page paints a different picture of Alaa than Sen. Durbin's glowing ode: she's a potty mouthed, politically correct, Israel hating radical activist who drops F bombs and politically correct buzzwords with equal acumen.

After Sen. Durbin held up the photo of her with the US flag featured prominently, Alaa took to her Facebook page to chortle about how the flag wasn't there to show any love for the United States -- a country she said she hated when she came here -- but a PR prop.

On February 3, 2012 she said:

Did ya'll notice the flag in the background of the pic? That was no coincidence #messaging #lol

The photo that Dick Durbin held up mocked patriotism. It was a completely cynical use of American iconography in order to serve a propoganda agenda. Alaa not only brags about it, she laughs about.

In an open letter to her parents, Alaa doesn't discuss architecture but her passion for community organizing:

Dear Mama and Baba, I can't stop organizing. Organizing is the reason I get up in the morning. I have to, need to organize because the alternative, doing nothing and staying silent is more oppressive than the immigration system itself.
The rest of her Facebook writing reveals the real Alaa, full of bitterness and anger about almost everything.

November 16, 2012

Let's just be friends and pretend the genocide in Palestine is not happening because, you know, we just want to make peace, we just want to talk, we just wanna do godmom and apple pie fun interfaith stuff, why are you bringing political baggage, we just want to talk, and have a civil conversation, this is happening over there, and this is here, let's just have a conversation.

NO. Deny Palestine, and you deny me, my past, my present and my future. Deny Palestine, and you are an accomplice to the murders. To hell with interfaith shit if you can't recognize the oppression of my people. Ever see King or Ghandi say let's ignore the holocaust of my people so we can talk? You are an accomplice. You are an accomplice. You are an accomplice.

I'm undocumented in America today because of the catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948.
Alaa loves to comment on 'white people,' whom she sees as the cause of many problems. On April 6th, Alla had a message for anyone who dared to speak out on the topic of Muslim women, with special attention paid to "white people" and what she refers to as "your governments."

April 6
Every damn time, without fail, there's news about Muslim women, everybody suddenly becomes an expert about Islam, Muslims, women in Islam, & Middle Eastern politics.
Here's a PSA: shut the fuck up.
Here's another PSA, esp to white ppl: stop trying to "liberate" or "save" us. Seriously, just quit. Everybody. You wanna help? Tell your damn governments and people to stop bombing our countries, end your imperialistic shit, and treat us as the human beings that we are who actually make decisions for ourselves. So sick of seeing all these people giving their irrelevant analysis every time a Muslim woman sneezes.
Just quit. I've run out of patience for ya'll.

Last November, she boasted about a protest she was part of in Illinois to get illegal immigrants driver's licenses and issues a warning to 'white people in suits':

November 27, 2012

Ain't no power like the power of the people 'cuz the power of the people don't stop! Say what?

Driver's Licenses for all, that's what!

1000 brown people descending upon Springfield, white people in suits, beware!
Earlier in the year, she crypitally quoted Malcolm X.

July 18 via mobile

By any means necessary.
Thanks to Sen. Durbin for introducing us to Alaa. It's great to see the sort of people he'd like to grant citizenship to.

Time to go back home to "Mama and Baba."
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That's the beautiful thing about this country. If you don't like it you are free to get out and go wherever you would like. Just don't plan on pulling that crap in your new homeland.

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Since she misses her country so much, and wants it to be just like home, here, let's treat her like they would under the Imams...
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Sen. "Little" Dick Durbin the Turban should do the honorable thing and wash his mouth out with buckshot.
Since she misses her country so much, and wants it to be just like home, here, let's treat her like they would under the Imams...
Yeah, try to pull off that kind of language under ruling of an "Islamic Paradise" as see how a far it gets you. The only kind of organizing you'll be doing there is organizing what you're going to make for dinner for your husband, because if you don't he can legally murder you.
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