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DPH Employee Allegedly Made Fake EMT Certificates
Woman Faces Charges Wednesday

POSTED: 12:07 pm EST December 8, 2004

BOSTON -- A Massachusetts Department of Public Health employee has been fired for allegedly making fake emergency medical technician certificates for her friends.

NewsCenter 5's Pam Cross reported that Holly Anne Woodward, a data entry clerk, faced three counts of filing false records Wednesday. Those who received the certificates never worked as EMTs.

Officials said that Woodward issued a former fianc茅e and two other men EMT certificates.

"Miss Woodward had, in fact, issued certifications to two people who were entirely unqualified to serve as emergency medical technicians and recertified a third individual who let his certification lapse," Assistant Attorney General John Grossman said.

Only one of the men actually took any EMT courses. Officials think that Woodward was trying to help the other two become police officers. One is now a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police officer.

"You don't want individuals who have no training to give emergency medical treatment to people working on the streets as emergency medical technicians. We allege that Miss. Woodward gave two individuals the license to do that without any training whatsoever. They didn't have any training at all as medical technicians," Grossman said.
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