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A Dorchester bodyguard who provided muscle for Fort Lauderdale nightclubs and their elite guests was sentenced yesterday to 61⁄2 years in federal prison for moving tens of thousands of dollars in illicit drug proceeds from Boston to Florida for a suspected local drug gang.
But Kevin Baranowski, 42, wasn't just moving money for childhood chum John "Bac Guai John" Willis' accused crew of drug mules and Oxycodone pushers. His lawyer said yesterday Baranowski was also hooked on the potent prescription painkillers due to a fall down a flight of stairs and took the high-stakes courier job to pay for his flights to Florida, where pain clinics kept him in prescriptions.
"He's a good guy. He had a hardscrabble life. I don't think he realized how serious it was," attorney J. Thomas Kerner told the Herald about what his client was doing.
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