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Don't you mean DYS???

Discussion in 'Juvenile Corrections' started by southwick34, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. southwick34

    southwick34 MassCops Member

    DSS is the Dept of Social Services...The states child wellfare agency. DYS is the states juvenile justice agency. Is that just a typo??? Don't want people getting confused!
  2. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    DYS is part of Juvenile Corrections... DSS handles the youths not in custody of the justice system...
  3. 13BW

    13BW MassCops Member

    Yea, exactly...DYS is basically the Juvenile version of the DOC. They have secure/residential facilities, an transportation dept., apprehension team, gang unit, and the Caseworkers are juvenile parole officers.
  4. 13BW

    13BW MassCops Member

    And EMT is right, DSS takes care of child abuse, neglect, and wellfare cases, etc.
  5. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    ok ok, I get it lol
  6. bluemass

    bluemass Guest

    Any D.Y.S. or juvenile justice questions will be responded to within my scope of knowledge. As this is a " law enforcement " site, I will only lend my working experience, and not pretend to be a police officer or an expert in the field of juvenile corrections. All inquires are welcome!
  7. 13BW

    13BW MassCops Member

    There is some conversation about the DYS job on the other thread in this any of that within your scope of knowledge?
  8. Curious EMT

    Curious EMT Subscribing Member

    to paraphrase

    DSS: bad parents
    DYS: bad kids
  9. Varanus224

    Varanus224 MassCops Member

    actually not to stir up debate over nature/nuture both are products of BAD PARENTS and households that if you saw how they operate would leave u speechless
  10. New Hire

    New Hire MassCops Member

    What? You mean showing up to visit your child intoxicated isn't wrong??

    Or scheduling a visit with your kid the SAME time every week and NOT SHOWING UP without even calling isn't wrong??
  11. Varanus224

    Varanus224 MassCops Member

    or showing up with one of your many boyfriends who coincidentally is also your child's abuser or that if you do show up making enough crazy promises that your kid can't handle himself untill the next time you drag yourself around here in 6 months........................................ I see we have something in common
  12. New Hire

    New Hire MassCops Member

    Like I've always said, it ALL starts at home....

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