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Any other DoD cops out there? Just wondering how your installations handle the jurisdiction issue. Are you sworn in locally, with SSPO powers, or another solution?
Thanks and be safe.

Posted Thu Nov 18, 01:12:

Just an update. We were trying for SSPO powers here. That fell thru this morning. Something about legislation that the Comm. of Mass. and the AF Reserve agreed upon in the early 90's. Oh well. I'll keep searching for a solution, if there is one! ](*,)

Posted Sat Nov 20, 07:09:

P.S.--Got activated effective Sun the 21st. Don't know where I'll deploy. Might be off the forums for a while. I'll get back to anyone if they do post here, when I can. Any suggestions to the jurisdiction issue here would be appreciated
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NR.... Up until recently I was an SP at Otis. I'm still a AF cop but at another unit. Good bunch of guys there, but there is a small group of people that seem to have the effect of ruining the whole squadron. You will find out soon enough who they are.
Probably not. I'm new to Hanscom but so far I'm glad I made the change. I like the fact that the Hanscom SP's have a 100% law enforcement mission.
I like the way the IMA program is run. Making up your own training and work schedule, can't beat that.
Contact an Air Force Reserve Recruiter. There is one in the basement level of South Shore Plaza in Braintree. Tell him you are interested in the Security Forces IMA program at Hanscom.

About Otis, I had a good time there for the most part, but like I said there are about two or three people there who cause people to get frustrated and eventually leave the squadron. If you just plan on going there and doing your drill weekends and annual training you will not notice the problems. If you end up asking for orders to work there full-time or if you land an AGR job and you end up on the wrong duty flight you will see exactly what I am talking about. But like I said, the vast majority of the squadron is a great bunch of guys and you will make some good police contacts there. There is also the opportunity for nice two week TDY's to places such as Key West and there is also the opportunity to volunteer for overseas deployments, which in the Air Force are usually only about 3-4 months long, but sometimes can be as long as six months. Good luck in whatever you do.
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AFCOP - What do you mean Hanscom is the same way? At Hanscom 1408's are for military personnel. As for civilians they can be written up for chapter 90 (massachusetts motor vehicle law) violations on federal citations. There is a good story in the forum archives written by a Hanscom SP about a civilian who thought nothing could be done to him by the SP's. He found out he was wrong soon enough. I will go look for it and post it here.
Here is the post I was talking about. It was written by screen name Tackleberry.

This isn't anything compared to some of the other stories here, but in comparison to the normal day to day patrolling on Hanscom AFB it is defiantly one of the more memorable traffic stops I've made.

This happened a few months back. I was patrolling on Hanscom AFB when I noticed a car traveling toward me at 42 in a 25, and blow through a 4 way stop sign. As he passed me I noticed the driver was talking on his cell phone. I made a quick 3 point turn and blue lighted the vehicle. As my partner and I approached the vehicle the driver rolled down his window, leans out of his car, flashes his MIT ID, and yelled "It's OK I'm a civilian, and if you would excuse me I need to be somewhere." He then rolled back up his window and drove off. My partner and I just stared at each other with puzzled looks, and then busted out laughing. As we walked back to our car I radioed the gates and had them stop all out bound traffic. I pulled up behind the vehicle once again while he was waiting in the line to exit the base. I got on the PA and told him to pull over to the side and shut the engine off. When I made contact with the driver I asked for his License, Reg, and Base ID. He snapped, "Is there some confusion here Airman?" I replied "Apparently your the one confused sir." He then said "Did I not identify myself as a civilian to you?" "Now if you don't mind stop wasting my time and let me be on my way." I then notified him of all the violations that I had observed. Traveling 42 in a 25, failed to stop for a posted sign, impeded operation (not using a hands free cell phone which is illegal on base), not wearing a seatbelt, and finally failure to yield for an emergency vehicle. He then replied "So what does this have to do with me?" "Your military and you have no authority over me." I stated "Well sir I don't know who fed you that load of crap, but their wrong." I went back to my car where I wrote a total of 5 citations. I went back to his vehicle and explained each of the citations to him. He said "but these are all Massachusetts General Law violations. I said "Yes sir because your a civilian remember." The guy then asked me if it too late to get a verbal warning on some of them. When I said no the guy had the nerve to say "Well then I guess I better start paying attention on base for now on because I've been blowing stop signs and speeding for 4 years now and just figured you couldn't do anything." I told him to shut up and go before something comes out of his mouth that's going regret.

Two months later I went to Magistrate Court for the 5 citations I wrote. The Magistrate found him guilty on all except the failure to yield for emergency vehicle.
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AFCOP - 1408's can be written to military affiliated civilians, but there IS another option for dealing with non-military affiliated civilians. At least at Hanscom Air Force Base there is.
Sarge439 - I assume you were activated as an AFSP reservist? Was it an involuntary activation? Where did you guys deploy to?

AFCOP - Have fun in Key West. I went last year with the 102nd Fighter Wing, at the peak of spring break. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep during that TDY. I think you guys are going to miss the civil service test. Those that planned on taking it, can reschdule to take a make-up test if they miss it since it is a military mission. Just don't mention that you were, "Wasting away in Margaritaville".
NR - Regardless of what Air Force component you join, if you have not been a cop in any branch of the military you will have to go to technical training. If you have prior military police training from any branch you will not have to go to technical training.
Sarge439 - You must have me confused with someone else. I don't work at Portsmouth, my base is Hanscom. At Hanscom we are fortunate to not have certain restrictions on us that some other bases have, especially when dealing with civilians.

Sorry Sarge 439 - I just noticed that you were refering to the Portsmouth Navy DOD cop a few posts up the page. I was confused because you started your post with my screen name. I'm thinking of going on orders myself at Hanscom. Apparently there is no money left for pier diem however, I heard that it is being taken away nationwide for AF cops on orders for extended periods of time. Were you getting BAH II or were you getting the full BAH when you were on orders?
NR - If you become commisioned in a reserve component of the Air Force your career field options could be very limited. The reserve components of the Air Force are much smaller than the reserve components of the Army, therefore there are less oportunities for commisioned officers.
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