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Any other DoD cops out there? Just wondering how your installations handle the jurisdiction issue. Are you sworn in locally, with SSPO powers, or another solution?
Thanks and be safe.

Posted Thu Nov 18, 01:12:

Just an update. We were trying for SSPO powers here. That fell thru this morning. Something about legislation that the Comm. of Mass. and the AF Reserve agreed upon in the early 90's. Oh well. I'll keep searching for a solution, if there is one! ](*,)

Posted Sat Nov 20, 07:09:

P.S.--Got activated effective Sun the 21st. Don't know where I'll deploy. Might be off the forums for a while. I'll get back to anyone if they do post here, when I can. Any suggestions to the jurisdiction issue here would be appreciated
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oh yeah? I'm at Hanscom as well, working in CE (my civ job) wonder if we know eachohter??
yeah I wanted to do the ARC program up here but i guess funding is short for that program...
True... I have a friend over there who came over from MA Army Guard and loves it, he's doing IMA as well
I'm heading to key west in a few weeks on Uncle Sam's tab :)
Hanscom is the same way...1408's used to be 1503's ( I think thats the form number) with a monetary fine...
Refer to a recent article in the Hansconian, it state 1408 will be issued to both military and civilian's
DOD...even if you changed jobs wouldnt they keep you at the same pay? I know when I used to be a WG employee, if we went to a job at a lower grade they would make our pay equivalent to our last permanent position, ie if I was a WG-10, and took a job as a WG-5 they would step raise me to the WG 10 equivalent rate...for example WG 5 step 5... Have you looked into that?
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