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If you look at my profile I may be a little older than a lot of the peeps on the forum.
I grew up in Weymouth and moved to the southcoast about 23 years ago.

Things that I remember growing up in Weymouth.

It was a friendly town,now it resembles living in a major city.

LEO's walking the beat. Anyone remember Ernie Wolf walking the beat in
North Weymouth ?

Having the local beat cop take you behind the local soda shop for a good
talking to then going home to find out dear old dad already knew about
it and catching hell from him.

Beat cops hoping into thier private cars to chase the ocasional speeder
with the plug in blue light on the roof.

You knew most of the LEO's by name and it was always Officer ------ or
Mr. -------- you respected them.

Quincy was the big city and you still knew a lot of the LEO's by name.

What do you remember from the "Good Old Days" ????
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