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Suspect Arrested Four Years After Alleged Crime

Video: DNA Evidence Helps Crack Burglary Case

LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- Londonderry police credit DNA evidence with tracking down a man accused of burglarizing a jewelry store nearly a half decade ago.

Charles Vlahos, 48, of Haverhill, Massachusetts was arraigned Friday morning.

He's accused of ransacking Richter's Diamonds & Jewelry store in August 2004 and stealing $13,000 worth in jewelry.
Investigators said the suspect left behind a single blood drop on one of the display cases.

Officials tested the blood twice before they were able to track down their suspect.

"It took several years for the match to get back to us and for the match to be made," said Captain Bill Hart, of the Londonderry Police department.

Vlahos has a criminal record dating back to 1987 when he faced two burglary charges.

He's now facing that charge nearly 20 years later.
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