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Fellow officer stops on 95NB last night to check on an apparent DMV. He gets to the window and the female operator is crying franticly.

Q: What's the matter?
A: I just got a ticket.

Shows the $400.00 cite (complements of MSP Foxboro) to my buddy.

Anyway he tries to calm her down to the point where she can drive again, at this point she is only sobbing slightly and she states that she is ok to drive now.

The officer walks back to the cruiser and they both leave the BDL. Before they even get to the next exit he is clocking her at 90 MPH. :shock:

Some folks just don't learn. and no he did not stop her for the speeding and after dealing with her sob story for the last 10 minutes I don't blame him. :roll:

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Makes one wonder what her R2 looks like? She was probably crying because it was either her first or fifteenth stop!
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