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Discussion in 'Fundraisers & Charity Events' started by RodneyFarva, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. RodneyFarva

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    Click here to support Josh Duckworth Funeral Expenses by Stephan Lupien

    It is with great sadness that we have lost Josh Duckworth. On December 1st 2015, Josh lost his life. He was 39 years old.

    Josh has worked for years as a Marlborough Police Department Public Safety Dispatcher. He was a longtime member of the police family and will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and co-workers.
    His family has lost an intregral part and is grieving this tremendous loss. Words cannot explain it.

    The money for this fund will be used to pay his funeral expenses. We hope to alleviate this burden from the family during this most difficult time.
    Thanks for anything you can give to help.

    Rest easy Josh. you are a real great guy gone way to soon.
  2. FTH

    FTH MassCops Member

    I'm so sorry! It's been a tough year for Marlborough PD.
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  3. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Never met you, Josh, but damn, it's still sad. Rest in Peace my man, you were an integral part of the whole Public Safety Family, and you had the privilege and duty to tell cops where to go. God Bless you.
  4. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    Hey folks, this is a message from Josh's sister Jodi and I feel its well worth a read.

    "My brother, Josh had it all. Beautiful home, beautiful girlfriend and the most supportive family and friends. He "had it all," which also included anxiety and evidently, Depression.

    Never in a million years would I believe he would have taken his own life. Never. There were no evident signs. He did quite the job of covering up his mental illness and even better at covering up his plans to "complete" suicide. I slept at his house the weekend prior to his death. Stayed up with him until 2am. Not one word about his feelings nor plans. We spoke about wonderful memories and plans for the future, but not this future.

    Although josh was a quiet man, he generally told me everything, things I may not have wanted to have hear at the time, but told me everything ...or so I thought.

    Josh loved his family more than most and he knew this would leave us heartbroken, but he also thought we'd be better off without him. He was so wrong.

    I share this information as to help others. Mental illness, suicidal ideation/attempts/completions do not discriminate against anyone. A man that had it all, to the outside world, did not feel worthy of all that he had.

    We, as his family want to be open about the cause of his death, because it may save one person and one family. The guy that "had it all" took his own life. He felt he exhausted all other solutions and could no longer go on.

    Please, I beg you all, if you know somebody, or even suspect that they are suffering, reach out to them. If you yourself are suffering please reach out to your supports. Mental health issues are an illness and should be treated as such, not as a negative stigma and not as a sign of weakness.

    May you rest in eternal peace my dear, sweet brother, Josh Duckworth."
  5. FTH

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    Jodi is very brave. My hart goes out to Josh family and extended PD family!
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  6. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Beautifully written.
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