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Dispatch Job Opening in Kuwait

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CSA Ltd., A Department of Defense Contract in Kuwait currently has the following position open. For more information on CSA Ltd. visit

POSITION TITLE: Emergency Services Dispatcher

DEPARTMENT/BRANCH: Fire and Emergency Services/Operations

LOCATION: Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

SALARY: Approximately $44,000.00 (TAX FREE)
$35.00 a day Foreign Area Living Allowance (TAX FREE)

OTHER BENEFITS: Free housing, use of car pool vehicles, 4 weeks vacation, Free flight to Germany after 6 Months. CSA Ltd. will pay for your flight to Kuwait. CSA Ltd. will provide you with a free flight to your home of record after the completion of 1 year contract. Dispatchers work an average of 8 hours of over time each week with additional over time available from time to time. Experience the Middle East culture. Protect Those Who Defend America.

JOB SUMMARY: The Emergency Services Dispatcher manages requests for services, makes independent decisions and conveys information regarding the dispatch of emergency services to the scene of an emergency. Prioritizes, initiates and coordinates the response of public safety agencies; manages the flow of incident related information to and from field units and/or public safety resources; monitors status of field units and assigns additional resources as requested and/or required/ Acquires information from citizens and other entities requesting public safety services or assistance. Establishes verbal communications with a service requester, extracts pertinent information, and analyzes information provided by a service requester. Assess incomplete, conflicting or inconclusive information or data, evaluate, categorize and prioritize service request and convey instructions, information and direction to the service requester. Monitor status of resources and determine units for deployment; initiate deployment of response units. Evaluate incident information so that an appropriate response is determined and resources allocation can be prepared. Maintain location and status of units so that the current availability, status and safety of all deployable resources are known. Operates computerized digital fire alarm receiving equipment and two-way radio communications equipment. Monitor public safety radio systems, electronic data systems and alarm systems. Analyze, classify and summarize data for dispatch or referral.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Requires certification or formal training in emergency services telecommunications with the ability to obtain Department of Defense certification. Requires two years if full time experience in an organized emergency services communications department, call taking and dispatching police, fire and EMS. Ability to analyze, classify and summarize data and information for dispatch. Individual must be familiar with the use of computers used in the process of dispatcher emergency services. Mental alertness, conscientious, dependable, team player and ability to work alone and with others required. Position requires excellent communications skills in English, both verbal and written. Individual must be able to handle multiple dissimilar functions.

To apply please file out an application at in the CSA Careers tab and send a cover letter and resume' to Chief Steven McDonnell at [email protected]

For more information or general inquiries contact Dispatcher Jeremie Meyer at [email protected]
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