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Disorderly conduct at Maria's mansion
by Tom Farmer
Monday, August 18, 2003

For the second time in 19 months, Newton police had to break up an underage drinking party at the home of disgraced former Superior Court Judge Maria I. Lopez, this time giving her two teenage sons a criminal summons to appear in court.

Newton police said Michael and David Michaud will be charged with being minors in possession of liquor after police put an end to the raucous bash at 4:24 a.m. yesterday.

``They both are going to be summonsed into court for being minors in possession,'' said one Newton police source. ``(Officers) tried to contact the parents but they could not be reached.''

Michael Michaud, 19, and David Michaud, 17, live at the 22 Beacon Heights Drive home with their mother and stepfather, Stephen Mindich, publisher of the Boston Phoenix. Lopez and Mindich were out of the home at the time of the incident.

Police said they were sent to the dwelling shortly before dawn for a reported fight and found a large group of teens partying.

``(Officers) have the names of 15 kids who were there,'' said the source. ``We believe there were more kids there that were not identified.''

The source said police will probably not bring charges against Lopez. After officers broke up a booze-fueled New Year's Eve bash at the home on Jan 1., 2002, they issued Lopez a criminal summons for keeping a disorderly home.

Lopez and Mindich were vacationing in Europe at that time when her son David allegedly hosted a party for 75 teens.

His older brother Michael telephoned police then to report the party had gotten ``out of control'' and when officers responded, the partygoers fled in all directions.

Most of the fleeing teens left their winter jackets behind and one intoxicated youth was taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for a head laceration after an officer found him trying to jump a fence near MBTA train tracks.

David Michaud was summonsed to Juvenile Court on a charge of being a minor in possession of liquor. The status of the January 2002 case against Michaud was unclear yesterday.

Newton District Court Clerk-Magistrate Henry Shultz ruled there was insufficient facts to support the disorderly home charge against his mother.

Lopez's ex-husband, Richard Michaud, told Shultz he was supposed to be keeping an eye on his sons while Lopez and Mindich were vacationing in London and it was his fault the party was held.

David Michaud declined comment yesterday.

``I really don't have any comment right now,'' he said.

Lopez and Richard Michaud, who also lives in Newton, did not return telephone messages seeking comment.

Lopez resigned from the bench in May rather than accept a hearing officer's findings that she lied about her actions in a controversial sexual assault case.

Lopez came under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for her handling of the Charles ``Ebony'' Horton case in which she sentenced the 22-year-old transgendered man to four months probation for kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old Dorchester boy.

Rather than accept the findings of hearing officer and former Housing Court Chief Justice E. George Daher and apologize with a six-month suspension, Lopez resigned.

Erika Gully-Santiago contributed to this report.

Seems that the shoe is on the other foot now, doesn't it. The judiciary and the whole system we toil under is better off without her kind on the bench. We can thank the Duke for appointing her. What a winner she turned out to be! :roll:

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If Maria has to go to court she will have to plan another vacation to Havana and postpone the hearing like she did when she was being tried for her judical abuse of power which resulted in her being suspended and eventually her resignation. Hey maybe her hippy looking husband can be her defense lawyer again and lose her another case.

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I love it, I can't stand that bitch. She should be absolutely ashamed of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selfish, liberal, arrogant and stupid, a combination usually only describing the like of Ted Kennedy etc., great pick for a judge. I hope that shitstain transvetite that she let go and lost her job over was in attendance at the party.
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