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Police have charged Rev. Dan Dore and his wife, Ellen, with keeping a disorderly home at 161 County St. in Attleboro. (Staff photo by Martin Gavin)

ATTLEBORO - Police are charging a pastor and his wife with keeping a disorderly home and insulating known gang members from police in the wake of a recent stabbing and a fight among what they say are almost two dozen disturbance calls to the home.

Police are seeking a summons for the Rev. Daniel Dore and his wife, Ellen, of 161 County St., for arraignment in Attleboro District Court on a charge of keeping a disorderly home.

Dore is pastor of the Bethany Village Fellowship on Newport Avenue in South Attleboro.

Police say they have responded for calls to the couple's home 40 times, 21 of which were to investigate disturbances, assaults, vandalism or suspicious persons.

The charge of keeping a disorderly home carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail, a $200 fine or both.

The Rev. Dan Dore leads the Bethany Village Fellowship Easter sunrise service in April 2007. (Staff file photo by Martin Gavin)

Calls to the house were not answered. Messages left at Dore's church were not immediately returned Monday.

The police action follows a fight last Friday afternoon outside the large Victorian-style home where a man was attacked with a board during a melee involving about 10 men.

It also follows what police allege was a gang-related stabbing of a 20-year-old man at the house about four weeks ago. The man suffered a minor stab wound in the back and was arrested last Friday on charges related to the most recent fight.

Police said the residents of the house, including Dore and his wife, refused to cooperate with the police investigation in connection with the stabbing.

Last Friday, police responded to a large street fight in the area of Third and Fourth streets but the participants apparently ran off when they heard police sirens, police said.

Moments later, police were dispatched to a fight in front of 161 County St. involving combatants using wooden boards and metal pipes. Half the group fled toward Fifth Street and the other half dragged an injured person into 161 County St., police said.

Police say they later learned that a 15-year-old youth had been assaulted and chased by residents at 161 County St. and later he returned with others for a fight outside the house.

When police arrived a 161 County St., one of two young males went inside the house and locked the door while the other denied any involvement or knowledge of a fight.

Police later arrested three suspects and will summon two others on charges of being disorderly, disturbing the peace and common law affray.

Arraigned Monday were David J. McFadden, 28, of 18 Fifth St., Daytone J. Nesbitt, 18, of 3 Merritt Place in Attleboro, and Nicholas A. Santaniello, 20, of 124 Pine St. in Attleboro.

McFadden was released without bail after pleading innocent.

Nesbitt was ordered held in jail without bail after a judge revoked his bail on previous charges.

Santaniello was ordered held in jail without bail pending a probation violation hearing Thursday. He was the victim in the stabbing last month.

Police are also seeking warrants for four other suspects, who they say are members of the "Exotic Bloods" gang.
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