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Photo by John Wilcox
Peggy, a member of Boston's K-9 unit, gets a kiss from Raquel Baldwin after she presented the dog with a medal for heroism yesterday at City Hall Plaza.

Boston's canine crime fighters were honored for their dogged pursuit of the bad guys yesterday.
It was a moment in the spotlight for Narro, Ajax, Jerry, Tiburon and Peggy - the city's finest on four legs.
They were all recognized for their loyal service by the creators of the animated Disney flick "Bolt," the story of a precocious pooch pretending to have super powers. The movie is due out this Thanksgiving.
The city's five four-legged members of the Boston Police K9 unit were awarded medals of honor for being the real doggie deal.
"At the end of the movie, Bolt realizes that he can be a hero without superpowers, so we wanted to honor real-life heroes," said the film's producer Clayton Ferguson, who kicked off a 35-state promotional tour yesterday at City Hall Plaza in Boston. As for Boston's K9 crusaders, they all have ample experience on the gritty streets.
"The dogs average eight to 10 years on the job," said officer Troy Casey, K9 trainer at the Boston Police Department.
They're on call for a number of jobs, he said, including detecting concealed explosives at public events, searching for ballistics evidence and sniffing out danger at a crime scene ahead of officers. "When we retire them, they remain with the handlers as pets."
Boston's K9 unit was founded in 1963 after German police donated six canines to the force, said Supervising Sgt. Frank Flynn. It has since grown to include 19 canines, mostly German shepherds, and their handlers.
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