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Two witnesses stepped in and foiled an attempted robbery at a French restaurant on Beacon Hill on Wednesday evening while a party was going on there.

Face covered with a white bandanna etched with a black design, a would-be robber marched toward the bar at the Hungry I restaurant and suggested he had a gun, before lunging and grabbing the cash drawer, police said.
Manager and owner Peter Ballarin said last night that only $100 was in the drawer.
It was then that the witnesses - a patron and a worker - sprang into action, taking down the apparent thief. One of the witnesses was bitten on the hand in the encounter, according to police.
Derek Kaufman, 37, of Stoughton was charged with unarmed robbery after he was found by police in the Charles Street establishment -- pinned on the floor by the unnamed pair, police said.
"One of the witnesses was bit in the left hand," police spokesman Eddy Chrispin said. The witness, whom the restaurant later identified as a diner, was treated by emergency medical technicians, Chrispin said.
Officers responded to a call at 7:42 after the suspect entered the Hungry I with his hand under his shirt. He approached the bartender, who did not respond, then went directly for the money, police said.
"Half the restaurant was filled," Ballarin said. "They watched," he said of the workers and patrons inside. "A full party was happening at this point."
A diner and a restaurant employee "took the person down very quickly," according to Ballarin.
"It was very fast," he said. "That's what they had to do. What would you do? At the same time I told them to stop: 'I think he may have a gun.'
"He said to me, 'I have a gun and I'm going to shoot you if you don't give me your money.' "
Police said no gun was recovered at the scene.
In the tussle, the suspect was injured on the forehead, police said.
"One of the officers who first handcuffed the suspect . . . found clear-covered latex gloves on his hands," Chrispin said.
"He was trying to peel his gloves off on the ride back. . . . It was presumably to hide his fingerprints at the crime scene."
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