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Diddy doesn't do routine. Traffic stops included.
A rep for Sean Combs has confirmed that members of the rapper's entourage briefly wound up on the business end of a Los Angeles Sheriff's deputy's weapon after getting pulled over for an expired tag.
Combs and crew were driving down Sunset Boulevard around 3:15 a.m. Sunday when a police cruiser pulled over one of the vehicles for the alleged infraction.
According to Sheriff's Dept. spokesman Steve Whitmore, two other cars in Combs' convoy also came to a halt, and several of the men got out. That prompted the deputy to call for back up and take extra precautions, per department policy.
"The men approached the deputy wanting to know what was going on and did so in an aggressive, verbal manner," Whitmore tells E! News. "There were about seven of them who walked towards him and the deputy, fearing for his safety, unsheathed his weapon and as soon as he did so, it was over."
His Diddyness' role in the incident was bystander, according to a rep for the Bad Boy mogul.
"Sean's car did not get pulled over," the publicist said. "No gun was pulled directly at him."
Whitmore says the men immediately calmed down, the officer holstered his gun and the rest of the stop was civil. The matter was resolved after the deputy determined the vehicle without the proper tags was a rental.
No one was detained or arrested, no citation was issued, and the Diddy fleet was allowed to continue on its merry way.
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