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Devens Nashoba Dispatch Center

Discussion in 'Just Shootin' The Breeze' started by j809, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I think it should be out of Framingham MEMA....Just saying, it's the natural progression. With Satellites/GPS/FLIR/Ground sensors, Remote cameras, and door release switches, who even needs local stations? Permits reports etc? just print em offline! Lockups can go to the HOC's.....
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  3. HiredGoon

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    That article is nothing but pure feel-good baloney.
    I've heard nothing but complaints (everyone gripes, but some have real merit) from the guys on the ground, and have seen/heard firsthand the unnecessary delays the additional layer has caused.
    Nothing against the guys and gals riding the pine there...I'm sure they do the best job they can....but now that they're one step removed from the rest of the surrounding communities, it makes something that was once mundane or simple....a mutual aid request, or filling a detail with an out-of-town officer....a "process". Previously, a dispatcher would generally (hopefully) have an ear on the scanner, and perk up to pay attention if another neighboring (non-regional dispatch) community mentioned their town. Some issues would be acted on even before one dispatch center was finished dialing the number for the other. I don't get the sense that's happening anymore.
    The cost savings they touted is already being negated. It's my understanding that two of those departments are regularly putting officers in the station, (either pulling one off of patrol, or paying for another body) to deal with all the walk-in issues. I'll never complain about having an extra cop in town, but don't BS the town with the cost-savings approach. Likewise, I have a big problem with gutting an already small patrol, marooning an officer in the station almost all day to handle all the ash and trash/info booth stuff the previous civilian dispatcher was perfectly able to deal with.
  4. j809

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    The guys in the station you are talking about are reserves only, not full timers and are going in for hours. They have 3-5 on shift on the road, no depletion there . I work under the new center and have nothing but a great experience from their level of professionalism to the state of the art software and hardware. Its only going to get better, a lot of complaints you hear are from people that were just used to the old system. I was too but I adapt to survive and have no complaints yet.
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    Yimmy? Surprised you even have reserves, I thought they had dwindled in numbers due to the "liability" scare. You do adapt well though! I remember when you first thought cameras in cruisers were a bad idea...Until they saved our asses more than once! Hang in my brother, you'll be able to retire and get a good job selling this stuff!
  6. j809

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    Lunenburg uses them to sit on the desk as greeters, not much patrol.:D

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