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SANTA ANA, Calif.—An Orange County sheriff's deputy has pleaded not guilty to illegally using a Taser on a handcuffed suspect in the back of a patrol car. Prosecutors say Christopher Hibbs of Corona is charged with felony assault or battery by a public officer and assault with a Taser.
Prosecutors allege Hibbs used the Taser on Ignacio Gomez Lares on Sept. 13, 2007, when the man didn't give Hibbs his full name.
Hibbs' defense attorney, Robert Gazley, says his client was within the law when he used the Taser. Hibbs, who is on unpaid leave, faces up to three years in prison if convicted.
Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino says the charges mark the first time a deputy has been accused of illegal use of a Taser since the department started using them about four years ago.
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