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Department purchased body armor

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Our department is attempting to purchase body armor through a grant and asking for impute. We are trying to stay away from Second Chance.

I am asking for the individual officer's opinion on the fit, comfort, and duribility.

I heard that MSP have purchased First Choice vest. I am also asking for the Troopers' thoughts on this vest.

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I use the First Choice vest, which replaced my Second Chance Ultima vest. I'm very happy with it, though it's slightly heavier. It's comfortable and not excessively hot. I also like that it's stab resistant. As I'm relatively new on my Dept. I had a choice of what I could have, as only my vest was being purchased. The rest of my Dept. has the Safariland vest which has a stiffer more plastic feel than the First Choice.
I took my old Second Chance Ultima vest to the range yesterday morning. The vest is 5 years old and had heavy use. I fired full 13 round mags of full power service rounds (Speer Gold Dot, 180 grain rounds) from a Glock 23 into each panel. The panels stopped every round. It's reassuring to know that the vest still worked. I still think it's worth the piece of mind to ditch the Ultima & get something else.

I recently heard that Second Chance has filed chapter 11. Can anyone verify this?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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