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On behalf of the United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, DynCorp International FZ-LLC (DIFZ), a CSC Company, is seeking individuals with appropriate experience and expertise to participate in an international effort to re-establish police, justice and prison functions in post-conflict Iraq. Interested applicants must be active duty, retired or recently separated sworn police officers, correctional officers or experienced judicial experts. US citizenship is required. If interested, please call toll-free 866-258-8770 or e-mail [email protected] or visit

US Citizen
Applicant must have a total of eight (8) years work experience with at least five (5) years being at the position of sworn civilian law enforcement or corrections officer.
Actively serving sworn law enforcement officers or corrections officers, or recently separated sworn law enforcement officers or corrections officers (within 5 years but 3 years is prefered).
U.S. Border Patrol agents meeting minimum requirements may also qualify.
Ability to communicate in English.
Valid US driver's license and ability to operate a standard transmission vehicle.
Unblemished background.
Excellent health.
Valid U.S. passport will be required.
We are seeking applicants with two years experience in specialized skills.
Must be able to qualify with a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun.
Additional Details
Up to 1000 civilian police advisors will be deployed to Iraq to help the Iraqi citizens organize effective civilian law enforcement, judicial, and correctional agencies.

Advisors will work with Iraqi criminal justice organizations at the national, provincial and municipal levels to assess threats to public order and mentor personnel at all levels of the Iraqi law enforcement system.

Contract length is one year. This is an armed, plainclothes mission.

Pay structure is as follows: Senior Police Advisors and Section Chiefs: $153,600.00
Judicial Officers: $104,000.00
All Other Postions: $75,076.92

All lodging, meals, and transportation, as well as logistical, technical and administrative support necessary to accomplish the advisor's mission is provided at no cost to the officer.

Resumes should detail specific experience, certifications, specialties, ranks and assignments. Please include dates of employment.

How to Apply
If you meet all the requirements for this position and are interested in this challenging assignment, please send us a resume using our ResumeMaker. Include special training, assignments and certifications in your resume.

Or, you may e-mail your resume here.
To apply, fax your resume to:
Iraq Recruiting Faxes
(817) 732-5835
(817) 732-6538

Or mail your resume to:
International Police Program Recruiting - 7th Floor
6500 West Freeway, Suite 600
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Once your resume is received, we will contact you with further details.

For mission information, call our recruiting line:
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