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Denton pizza employee: Surprised to see dad when wig falls off robber

A Denton pizza worker said she was surprised when a fellow employee overpowered a would-be robber -- and even more surprised by who the bad guy turned out to be.
As Stephanie Martinez was getting money out of a cash drawer, a co-worker, Rudy Sandoval, fought back against the intruder, knocking off his wig and sunglasses.
"He was out on the floor for a good two to three minutes," Mr. Sandoval told NBC-TV's "Today" show this morning.
Whe she saw the face behind the wig and dark glasses, "I dropped the money," Ms. Martinez said. "I said, 'Don't hit him again! That's my dad!' And he said, 'What's he doing here?' and I said, 'I don't know!' "
Police say the suspect, Benjamin Ramirez, 41, ran out of the Pizza Patron in the 100 block of East University Drive to a pickup truck, where Ms. Martinez's mother and husband were waiting.
Witnesses followed the pickup and helped lead police to it, where Mr. Ramirez, Sonia Palacios, 38, and Jose Miguel Martinez, 26, were arrested.
All three have been charged with aggravated robbery. Mr. Ramirez and Ms. Palacios were being held on immigration violations. Mr. Martinez was free on $50,000 bail.
Benjamin Ramirez Mr. Sandoval, 17, said on the "Today" show that he'd been warned in his training not to fight back if there was ever a robbery attempt. "They always told me, give them the money," he said.
But the burly teen said he instinctively reacted once the suspect slapped him.
"He tested me, so I did it," he said.
Denton police say they don't think Ms. Martinez knew her family was planning the robbery.
"We ... will not be filing charges against her," Sgt. James Brett said. "Her husband told us she didn't know. He knew they were going to rob someplace, but he thought it was going to be a convenience store."
Surveillance video shows the robber as he came into the restaurant about 10:25 p.m., pointing a silver gun that turned out to be a toy, according to a police report.
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