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Delgado, will take the money but not honor America

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SOT_II";p="54610 said:
...."The Marlins don't support it, and we don't not support it," team president David Samson said.
"He's an adult. The club's position is that what he does is up to him...."
What a chicken-shit response...
Say what you want about him, but Big Stein wouldn't have put it with that BS...
Thats poor taste on his part. He is a good baseball player, but thats disrespectful. In a game which has many roots in American History, historically has not put up with any non-sense from players and suspended those who make the game look bad, he should suck it up and get out there. Showing a little respect to the game, its fans, and the country that's giving him the big bucks. Otherwise there are other options such as playing baseball in Japan or Puerto Rico, good luck making that much money in either place...

Its similar to kids in schools (or citizens anywhere for that matter) that don't stand for the pledge of allegance. They bitch and moan about free practice their rights, but don't have an ounce of respect for the country that affords it to them. Don't like it, tough...deport them to a repressive Middle East, Asian, or South American Country. Anywere else you would follow the rules of the respective society and not dare to balk or disrespect the people and their culture.
How about if my fellow veterans and I just choose to piss into the dugout or tunnel onto him?????
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