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Oops, I had to repost this. Boston Herald redirects you to the site. I guess they don't want their content framed.

Anyway, what do you guys think of this? I was shocked it happened in Dedham. Seems like a pretty goddamn bold thing for those five guys to do to somebody. These two are lucky to be alive!

And the girlfriend ain't the brightest bulb in the world if she opened the door to five guys at 2 in the morning!

Does anybody know if they've been caught?

Invading teen gang robs pair at gunpoint
By Jessica Fargen
Friday, January 7, 2005

A gang of teens looking for ``easy money'' robbed a young couple at gunpoint in the middle of the night during a frightening home invasion, one victim said.

``I was terrified, scared for my life when I saw the silencer,'' said 22-year-old Kurt Massey, who woke to five men pounding on the door of his Dedham apartment.

One of the semiautomatic pistols had a silencer, he said, adding that he thought that meant they were going to kill him. Two men had guns and one had a baseball bat.

Massey said his girlfriend answered the door about 2 a.m. and was ``thrown across the room,'' and started screaming before he could get there.
``I woke up to a banging,'' he said.

``These kids were pointing guns in my face. They told me, `Turn around. Give me your money,' '' Massey recounted while sitting at his kitchen table.

The unmasked teen robbers led him through his Commonwealth Avenue apartment and stole up to $200, a guitar, cellphones and jewelry - maybe a couple thousand dollars worth of goods, he said.

Massey, who answered his door yesterday still skittish 10 hours after the invasion, said he believes the teens thought he had come into money.
Dedham police said they are investigating the home invasion, but did not release any details last night.

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Flint, Doyle and Kenedy get on this and kick some invading teen butt!
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