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Served time for killing Hull woman in 2002 accident

The Patriot Ledger
Posted Nov 12, 2008 @ 09:13 AM


A man recently released from prison after serving time for killing a Hull woman in a car accident is behind bars again after crashing a stolen pickup truck in Quincy, police said.
Joseph H. Buckley, 47, of 42 Warfield Ave., Hull, was arrested shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday after driving a truck into a utility pole in front of North Quincy High School on Hancock Street, police said.
Buckley was arraigned Monday on several charges including fifth-offense drunken driving. He went to prison in 2002 after a fiery crash in Rockland in which his passenger, Lorna Jean Hanley, 23, was burned to death. He was released in June.
The incident in 2002 began when police in Marshfield pulled Buckley over because the car he was driving didn't have a front plate. Buckley sped away and reached speeds of 90 mph as he drove through a red light, sideswiped a car and then turned onto Route 3. He lost control of the car on the Exit 14 ramp in Rockland and it went over a 25-foot embankment and caught fire.
Hanley, the mother of a then 7-year-old girl, was killed in the fire.
Two years earlier, Buckley was charged with drunken driving after driving a friend's pickup truck into a wall at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham.
Sunday night, police said Buckley was combative at the accident scene and that he threw feces at officers from behind bars in the Quincy police station lockup.
Buckley's mother, Mary Boudreau of Hull, said he has been meeting regularly with his probation officer and found part-time work with a local construction crew. "We were very hopeful," she said.

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Cop vows fight to keep drunk off roads

'He will kill again'

Photo by Matthew Healy
SEEKING SAFETY: Marshfield Police Officer Jason Abell won't soon forget the image of a drunk Joseph H. Buckley walking away from a fatal accident almost seven years ago. Buckley was arrested last week for another crash.

It began as a routine traffic stop on Route 3 almost seven years ago. But before Marshfield Police Officer Jason Abell could even walk up to the window, the tires screeched and the car tore away.
Abell took off after what turned out to be a stolen Chevy Caprice as it weaved through thick traffic and side-swiped vehicles on the highway. Sometime after Abell lost sight of the scofflaw, the car careened through an off-ramp, burst through a guardrail and plunged down a 25-foot embankment.
Abell would later come upon the nauseating image of a 23-year-old woman's charred body, crumpled in the fiery wreckage - and the pathetic sight of the driver, Joseph H. Buckley, dragging himself up a hill in complete disregard for the young woman he left behind, Lorna Jean Hanley.
Abell thought that dark chapter was behind him, now only a memory encapsulated in a photo of the wreckage that he still keeps in his police locker.
"It's a memory I don't like, but that I don't want to forget," Abell said.
Yet last week he learned that Buckley - who was convicted of motor vehicle homicide - was not only out of jail, but back to his old reckless ways.
Buckley allegedly slammed a stolen truck into a pole in Quincy Nov. 9 and later told cops they could "shove" their Breathalyzer before pelting excrement into a hallway from his holding cell.
Abell spent most of 2002 between the Marshfield station and a courthouse, trying to ensure justice for Hanley, the young Hull mother who lost her life.
It should have been a joyous time for Abell, having just welcomed his first child into the world. Yet he found himself plodding around like a zombie, trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy.
And when he looked at Hanley's despondent parents in court, he wondered whether they blamed him.
"I couldn't imagine how they were feeling," Abell said. "For me,it was horrible - seeing what I saw, and knowing he dragged his sorry (expletive) out of there. Any man would help a woman in a burning car. But that's not what he did. It was, as far as I'm concerned, the wrong person in that (burning) car."
Buckley, 47, hasn't had a valid license since 1990 but has been found behind the wheel at least 15 times since, leading to infractions, crimes and tragedy.
And unless Buckley gets some serious help or is put away for life, Abell is convinced: "he will kill again."

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