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Dead man won't be charged over murder...obviously

A man who kept his dead mother's body in a freezer won't face murder charges because he's… dead.

Alexander Wentz, 54, is believed to have kept his 80-year-old mum's body at his home for five months and the remains were only discovered after he was found dead in his house.

His mother was found in a locked chest freezer that was partially hidden by furniture in his back bedroom.
It has been reported that Alexander was a recluse who died from alcoholism.

His body was found after neighbours complained of a foul smell coming from the house.
He was found lying face down decomposing and autopsy reports confirmed that he had been that way for two weeks.

Mrs Wentz's other son Earl said he thinks his brother kept their mother's body in the house so her monthly Social Security payments would continue.
Jon David, a New Hanover County assistant district attorney, said: "We're unable to prosecute a defendant who has died during the pending investigation.

"We couldn't prosecute someone if we wanted to because their death precludes us from instituting an action against them."
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