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DEA Lifting Freeze

Discussion in 'Federal Agencies' started by tin63, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. tin63

    tin63 MassCops Member

    Just wondering if anybody on this site is currently in the hiring pipeline with DEA and if so have you been contacted within the past few weeks since they lifted their hiring freeze?
  2. tacpup82

    tacpup82 MassCops Member

    When did they lift their freeze? Did the other gov't agencies lift theirs as well? I know IRS and secret service agents were both frozen.
  3. MPD703

    MPD703 Subscribing Member

    I think Secret Service is hiriing - at least they had a posting on USAJOBs not to long ago. It looks like they are having a fair number of people jump ship to other agencies.

    Last I heard FBI wants to put on 2000 next this year. Postal Inspectors are hiring.
  4. tin63

    tin63 MassCops Member

    DEA announced that they are putting on 200 Agents within the next 10 months. Wondering if anybody is currently in the hiring process with them?
  5. irish937

    irish937 MassCops Member

    Last I heard the freeze was still in effect. A buddy of mine got on in 1998 (at the front end of a large hiring spree) and is still trying to get back to the Northeast (and I don't mean NYC). The sooner they lift the freeze, then maybe he'll have the opportunity to get "close" to home. Good luck to everyone.
  6. RedWaterMan

    RedWaterMan New Member

    The ice has melted on this one gentlemen. A bunch of my buddies are in classes in February and March, so if you've been waiting then now's when you should be hearing.

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